Aegina a nearby beauty


Since ancient times Athenians have appreciated the proximity of the islands of Saronic gulf, where Aegina is located. Aegina was even the first capital of free Greece. Now, with frequent ferry boat and flying dolphin connections, it is very easy to reach Aegina by a journey of about an hour. The island of Aegina owes much of its fame and wealth to a small tree originating in the near East, the pistachio tree.

The island has a great variety of facilities. You can also find quiet and tranquil areas where you can simply unwind and relax, to lively areas where you can enjoy a drink, meal or other local entertainment.

Really close to the port is the hotel where the training course will take place, Danae Hotel. The hotel Danae is close to the Temple of Apollo. You can easily find both of them approximately 1 km from the town centre . The temple was built in the 6th century BC and only one pillar is left of it.

Situated on the northeast side of Aegina at the top of a hill is a Temple dedicated to seductive Goddess Aphaia or Aphaea, which dates from the beginning of the 5th century BC and is one of the best-preserved Doric temples in Greece. In this unique and beautiful landscape, you can explore and enjoy interesting walks. There is a bus connection from the city centre to other parts of the island, so you can easily travel around.

Venue for the training course 

Aegina a nearby beauty