• Liquid Interfaces and Membranes: Structure, Surface forces, Dynamics

  • Emulsions, Microemulsions, Foams and Paints

  • Polymers, Polyelectrolytes, Gels, Liquid Crystals, Anisotropic Fluids

  • Surfactants, Lipids, Proteins, Peptides and Self-Assembly

  • Dynamics, Stability and Phase Behavior of Colloids and Complex fluids

  • Colloids for Delivery of Bioactives, Pharmaceutical applications

  • Micro and nanostructured Materials and Nanoparticles

  • Theory, Modeling and Simulation of Colloidal Systems and Complex Fluids

  • Wetting, Superhydrophobicity, Superoleophobic Surfaces and Capillarity

  • Colloids in Food Science and Technology

  • Colloids and Interface Science in Energy Technology

  • Colloids and Interface Science in Cultural Heritage

  • Colloids and Interface Science in Environment

  • Colloids and interfaces related to COVID-19


Plenary Speakers

Véronique Préat.jpg

Véronique Préat

UC Louvain

“Colloids in drug delivery”

Brent Murray.jpg

Brent Murray

The University of Leeds

“Colloids and Interfaces

in Food Science and Technology”

Clement Sanchez.jpg

Clement Sanchez

Collège de France Paris


Jacob Klein.png

Jacob Klein

Professor in Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel

Overbeek Gold Medal


Ilja Voets

TU Eindhoven

“Colloidal self-assembly”

PAlexandridis Aug2016 small.jpg

Paschalis Alexandridis

University of Buffalo,

The State University of

New York (SUNY)

vermant png image.png

Jan Vermant

Professor of Soft Materials ETH Zürich

Colloid & Interface Science Award, sponsored by Solva

  • Colloid & Interface Science Award, sponsored by Solvay

  • Overbeek Gold Medal